Remembering Frank L. Glick

Remembering Frank L. Glick

The Devil’s Advocate

April 8, 2013 – Mike Donahey

Many Marshalltownians know of native son Frank L. Glick indirectly, through American Legion Post 46, named in his honor.

Glick was the first Marshall County service member to die in World War I.

Steve Hansen, a Marshalltown native, has embarked upon a crusade to learn everything possible about Glick’s pre-military life. He contacted me for help.

Hansen is a former U.S. Marine with 26.5 years service, and worked as a recruiter here in the mid-1970s. Through research, Hansen learned Glick was serving in the Marines as First Sergeant when killed June 3, 1918, near the Triangle Farm in the opening stages of the Battle of Belleau Wood, France. Belleau Wood was a vicious battle — it was the Allies against a determined German foe. “Belleau Wood is sacred to all Marines, much as Gettysburg is to the Civil War and Iwo Jima is to World War II,” Hansen wrote. “The Germans learned to fear the deadly accuracy of the Marines and their well-aimed fire at distances of 600 yards and greater. The Germans called them ‘Teuflehunden’ or ‘Devil Dogs.’ ”

Hansen believes Glick enlisted in the Marines in Chicago, because, according to Hansen, Iowa did not have a Marine recruiting station then. It is what Glick did before he enlisted in the Marines which holds Hansen’s interest. Hansen has learned Glick was the son of Albert G. Glick and grandson of George Glick, a prominent citizen in Marshalltown’s formative years.

Hansen has requested help from the Marines, Marshalltown High School educators, and the Legion to learn more. For example, he estimates Glick graduated from MHS in 1911, but is eager to confirm that. “The more I learn, the more I am impressed with him,” wrote Hansen. A 1910 Marshalltown City Directory lists Frank L. Glick as boarding at 511 E. Church St., the same address listed for his father. Albert Glick was listed as Secretary and Treasurer of Brittain & Co. a Marshalltown pork packinghouse.

The Times-Republican will honor Frank Glick in the June 2, 2013 Past Times, to coincide with the 95th anniversary of his death. Readers who have information on Frank Glick’s pre-military years in Marshalltown may contact me at the Times-Republican, 641-753-6611, or



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