Ogden Examiner Death Notice

Frank Glick – Ogden Examiner

Excerpts from “The Ogden Examiner, Ogden, UT Thursday June 13, 1918

Frank L. Glick Falls on the Battlefield of France

Ogden Man, Nephew of Admiral Fletcher, is killed while in active service. Frank Lewis Glick, 1st Sgt in the Marine Corps, has been killed while on active service in France, according to word received yesterday from his mother, Helen Glick, which reads as follows:

“Deeply regret to state that a cablegram received from abroad advises of the death in action of First Sergeant Frank Lewis Glick, Marine Corps, on June third. Body will be interned abroad until end of war. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy in your great sorrow. Sergt. Glick gave his life in defense of his country.”

Geo. Barnett,

Maj. Gen. Commandant

Frank Glick was born in Marshalltown, Iowa, in 1893. He grew up in that place, attended high school and also Ames College. The Glick family, after coming to this city, made their residence at 2554 Jefferson Avenue.

Sergeant Glick was in Ogden last September on a furlough. He enlisted in the Marine Corps, as he said, “I was told they would be the first to see active service in France.” He was a nephew of Admiral Fletcher and a Nephew of J. W. Abbott.

One of his brothers, George Abbott Glick, is in aviation school in Texas. Fletcher Glick of Ogden is another brother.

Mrs. Glick was visited yesterday by Sergeant Lynn Melbog who extended to her the condolences of the Marine Corps.

(Note to readers: Frank’s father had died several years previously and he had lost another brother in a sledding accident, according to information I have received. His mother moved to Ogden, Utah to be with her son Fletcher.)


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