American Legion Post 0046 information

Frank Lewis Glick American Legion Post 0046 information

American Legion Building in Marshalltown, IA

American Legion Building in Marshalltown, IA

On May 20, 1919 a group of 20 World War Veterans first met together to seek a charter in the new veterans organization known as the American Legion. They were the 46th group to gather in the state (of Iowa) for that purpose. They needed a name for this organization and they decided to name it after one of the veterans that gave the supreme sacrifice. There were 42 veterans that lost their life and of those 42, only 20 had lost their life in combat. The rest died by accident or from the flu epidemic. Of the 20, Hugh Weatherman, a farm boy from south of Beaman was the first Marshall County boy to lose his life in action on March 1, 1918. He was in the Field Artillery. Another from the 20 was Frank Lewis Glick who was killed on 3 June, 1918. He was the first Marshall County boy to lose his life in action. Frank was a Sergeant (First Sergeant) in the Marine Corps and had been decorated with several valor medals and had been recommended for promotion to be a commissioned officer with a rank as 2nd Lieutenant. The charter members of Post #0046 decided to name their post in honor of Frank L. Glick.

I had asked most of the living World War I veterans to find out a little more about Frank Lewis Glick and the answers were very vague. Generally, they said he was from a very prominent family. I then delved more into the past of this young man and this is what I found:

His paternal grandfather was Dr. George Glick. He had moved to this little unincorporated community in 1846 from Germany. This community was to become Marshalltown in 1853. He practiced medicine in the area and was an examining physician for the Banker’s Life Insurance Company in Des Moines for about 20 years. He was also a stockbroker in that company. He was a charter member in the first school board that organized here in 1864 and was its treasurer.  He was on the board of directors of the newly organized First National Bank that was on the corner of Center and Main Streets (where Fantle’s had been located for many years.) Dr. George Glick was involved with nearly all activities such as the city council, etc. He raised a family here and his home was across the street from the Episcopal Church where it still stands on the North side of the street. His oldest son was Albert G. Glick who decided to stay in Marshalltown and follow in the footprints of his father.

Frank Glick’s maternal grandfather was A.C. Abbott. Mr. Abbott came to Marshalltown about a year after Marshalltown became a town. He arrived in 1854 and opened A.C. Abbott and Krisley Hardware and Feed Store located on the corner of Main and Center Streets. He was active in the community and served on the school board, city council, and was a member of the board of directors of the 1st National Bank. He later bought our the Krisely interest and opened a new hardware store on the corner of 1st Street and Main. He had a daughter, Helen (though most referred to her as Nellie), and a son, T.C. Abbott.

In the latter part of the 1800’s Albert (Ab to his friends) G. Glick and Helen (Nellie) were married.  This couple parented four sons: Abbott, Arthur, Frank Lewis, and Fletcher. They resided for a time at Dr. Glick’s home. They were going to build at 9th Street and Main, but Nellie said she did not want to build “out there in the country.” The old Abbott home was a big home just west of the MACH hospital. It was torn down in 1954.

A.C. Abbott had taken his son, T.C., into the hardware business. Doctor George Glick had set is son, Albert G., into Glick’s Plumbing Supply. The Abbott Hardware was now named Abbott and Son and move the middle of the block where it stayed until it was sold to Best Hardware in 1945.

Frank Lewis Glick was born and raised in Marshalltown. He graduated from high school in 1911. He then attended college at Iowa State for one year. He then went to work for his uncle at Abbott and Son’s Hardware. He was being trained to take over the store as his uncle had been elected president of the National Retail Hardware Dealers’ Association. But on May 20, 1917 Frank enlisted in the U.S. Marines and was trained until January 1918. He landed in France on February 13, 1918. On June 3, 1918 he was killed in action. He was killed at Chateau Thierry (Triangle Farm near Belleau Wood). His body was never returned to this country. He is buried at Aisne Marne Cemetery at Belleau, France. A custodian at this cemetery said that of all the graves in the cemetery that Frank Lewis Glick’s grave had more visitors than any other.

American Legion Post 046

American Legion Post 046 Sign

014 012

So when we say he came from an influential family, it would be hard to argue that any family contributed more to Marshalltown. Glick and Abbott Elementary Schools were named after his grandparents. His father, Ab, was instrumental in bringing the Iowa Veterans Home to Marshalltown. His father was responsible for financing the Fisher Governor Company to Bill Fisher’s father and Bill Fisher, himself. He had the American Legion post named in his honor. I hope that the people of Marshalltown will always appreciate what this family has done for the community.


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