World War One Marines from Marshall County, Iowa

World War One Marines from Marshall County, Iowa

  1. BAY, Myron Ellis, Marshalltown, son of C. P. BAY, aged 23, insurance agent, enlisted, Marine Corps, St. Paul, Minnesota, July 20, 1917; Corp. 2d Co, 1st Regt, USM League Island, Philadelphia; mustered out; February 15, 1919.
  2. BENDLAGE, Theodore Jr., son of Theodore H. Bendlage; Merchant; enlisted May 13, 1918, U. S. Marines, active duty, domestic and foreign; discharged January 25, 1919.
  3. BOTTS, Sherman, H., Liscomb, son of Mrs. Sarah Botts, INDUCTED June 24, 1918, Brooklyn, N.Y.; 2d Regt, 152 Depot Brigade. PREVIOUSLY served 4 years with the USMC and had qualified Sharpshooter, 7 months active service at Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1911, Mustered out; Wash. DC December 10, 1918.
  4. CARL, Henry Crawford, Marshalltown, son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Carl; aged 23, Enlisted , Marines, March 12, 1915; stationed Mare Island and San Diego, Cal.; assigned USS Yorktown; service in Philippines, China, and Japan; to France, June 9, 1918 with 5th and 6th Marine Regts, returned to U.S. March 1919; discharged Quantico, May 2, 1919.
  5. GLICK, Frank Lewis, son of Mrs. Helen Glick, Ogden, Utah, aged 23, clerk; MHS ’11, enlisted Marine Corps, May 20, 1917 at Chicago; sent to Paris Island, NC for training; transferred to Quantico, VA, arrived in France, February 13, 1918; Sergt. 80th Co, 6th Regt, Marines; killed in action at Chateau Thierry, June 3, 1918. First Marshalltown boy killed in World War.
  6. ISEMAN, Finley J., Marshalltown, son of Mr. & Mrs. John A. ISEMAN, Burlington, KS; aged 24; bank clerk; enlisted Marines, May 20, 1917 at Chicago; 76th Co, 6th Regt. Marines, AEF. Narrowly escaped death from shrapnel fire; June 1918, severely wounded July 19, 1918.
  7. RYDER, Hubert M., Marshalltown, son of Frank J. Ryder; aged 16, student, enlisted Marine Corps; January 1917, Chicago, IL, assigned to 94th Co, 7th Regt, Marines, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; transferred to San Juan Hill, Santiago, Cuba. Trumpeter.
  8. WHITE, Dee Miller, Marshalltown, son of Mrs. Susan W. White; MHS ’14; bookkeeper; enlisted Marines; Chicago, June 1, 1917; trained at Paris Island, NC and at Norfolk, VA; stationed Philadelphia Navy Yards; on USS San Diego, torpedoed July 19, 1918 off Fire Island, NY, en route from dry dock; in water for four hours before rescued; Q.M Sergt, School, Norfolk, mustered out at Norfolk, January 31, 1919.

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