SgtMaj Hubert “Bert” Caloud, USMC Ret. I told Bert that I had a great uncle that served in the US Army in WWI. He provided me with the wonderful on-line link to:  I did indeed find my great uncle, but also discovered in it a two page tribute to Frank Glick. I mentioned to Bert that he was killed at Chateau Thierry and he told me not to take that at face value. Bert also put me in touch with LtCol Pete Owen USMC Ret.

Barbara Perry, Marshalltown. Barbara is Bert’s cousin and a local educator. She has been a tireless detective. She met with the American Legion post and received a wonderful document that they had recorded on Frank’s life and service. She met with the kind staff of the Riverside Cemetery and revealed many more details on the Glick family. She also provided me with a host of photographs regarding Frank and his family. This project would not have gotten off the ground without her tireless support.

LtCol Pete Owen for his wealth of information from the official Marine Corps muster reports, his maps, and his kind permission to reproduce several of the charts shown here. The details of Frank’s death are from his book “To the Limits of Endurance” and he is responsible for getting published the memoirs of Gunnery Sergeant Paradis who was quoted in the story.

Larry Kerr, lifelong Marshalltown friend and former Marine who remembered seeing a plaque dedicated to Frank Glick. Barbara Perry found that and photographed it.

American Legion Post 0046 (Frank Lewis Glick chapter) Marshalltown, Iowa for generously sharing their information on Frank Glick.

Marshalltown Times-Republican, especially Mike Donahey, for believing in this project, sharing information, and for caring it to fruition.



Scott Hansen, my son, for his patience in guiding his technologically challenged father through this project, especially this website.


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